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ATFirst™ RSV Rapid Test

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Polyclonal antibodies are antibodies that are derived from different B-cell lines. They are a mixture of immunoglobulin molecules secreted against a specific antigen, each recognising a different epitope.

These antibodies are typically produced by immunization of a suitable mammal, such as a mouse, rabbit or goat. Larger mammals are often preferred as the amount of serum that can be collected is greater. An antigen is injected into the mammal. This induces the B-lymphocytes to produce IgG immunoglobulins specific for the antigen. This IgG is purified from the mammal’s serum.


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Dublin, Ireland -- (MarketNews) -- 03/17/16 --  First Diagnostic Ltd, a provider of High Quality CE rapid diagnostic testing solutions has announced a successfully trial for a new rapid test for the sexually transmitted infection chlamydia using urine samples that gives results within 10 minutes. 



We appreciate your efforts to improve patient care, physician services, and laboratory efficiency. We know that you will appreciate the value that we bring in delivering diagnostics that do not sacrifice accuracy or ease-of-use. Please contact us for further support.



In addition, First Diagnostic is a party to multiple collaborations, all of which seek to develop new and innovative products to address some of the world’s most serious diseases and conditions. Check Here for new projects...

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